A Unit of Dhamangaon Education Society
(Hindi Linguistic Minority Status)
Anjansingi Road, Dhamangaon, Dist. Amravati, Maharashtra - 444709
Affiliated To CBSE New Delhi ( Senior Secondary Level)

Director’s Message

Director’s Message

 “The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise…..

  Enlightened human beings can be created by teachers.”  – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

With the glorious past of imparting quality education for over a century, the Dhamangaon Education Society has recently opened a new leaf of CBSE School ‘Vidyaniketan’ promising a better future for the students. Vidyaniketan provides a huge platform for the students to explore their inborn potential and to flourish themselves with the soft and firm guidance of the dedicated teachers. It is difficult to traverse the world with students but we have surely brought the whole world in its all colours where they can quench the thirst of their exceptionally curious minds and that too in a cozy atmosphere of the classrooms. 

Education is never a one-sided affair but it is a two-way process. On the other side of the student there are books, teachers and other sources of information. It is not the teacher who teaches but a learner who learns. You cannot make a horse drink water unless the horse is thirsty and feels to drink water. We strive here to create such an atmosphere where the students learn spontaneously, where they feel learning. Merely learning calculations won’t work but to grab the joy behind mathematics is what matters. This joy in learning comes with spontaneity and I think that is a sure way towards excellence. 

Nothing can fill joy in your leisure hours than good books. As Francis Bacon has rightly said, “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” Our school offers the best reading atmosphere with a rich library of variety of books that cater every taste of the young readers and ignite their minds. Our quest for young musicians have prompted us to rear a music room with various musical instruments and a drawing room with canvas boards for young artists.

Healthy minds dwell in healthy bodies. Without sports and games, education will remain a drab and monotonous work. To rejuvenate young students outdoor activities play a great role. Games and plays fill them with vigor and energy and inculcate precious values in them. 

 I firmly believe that value based education is must for the creation of truly enlightened human beings and it is not the children alone that we have to impart values. The parents and teachers should equally practice the ways and methods to pave path for good living. For true education knowledge and values should go hand in hand. As we have embarked this journey to ignite the young minds, we expect your firm support in creation of radiant generation.



Vidyaniketan Cbse School